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The Wrestling event of SLUG 2013 was held today (8.5.2013) at the University of Moratuwa Gymnasium. 

Weight Category- 55kg

1st- M.R.P Fernando (UOM)
2nd D.M. Hettiarachchi (UOP)
3rd- T. Hapugala (RUH)
3rd- K.S. Kumara (UOK)

Weight Category- 60kg

1st- R.A.A. Priyantha (WAY)
2nd- D.N. Rathnayake (UOK)
3rd- S.L. Gunathilaka (UOP)
3rd- S. Mathyalakan (EUSL)

Weight Category- 66kg

1st- N. Premmishauthan (EUSL)
2nd- D.M. Soyza (RUH)
3rd- A.K. Ekanayake (WAY)
3rd- M.S. Jayasinghe (UOP)

Weight Category- 74kg

1st- S.R. Roysiew (EUSL)
2nd- P.K. Fernando (UOP)
3rd- S.D. Ariyarathna (WAY)
3rd- M.I. Sashiranga (UOM)

Weight Category- 84kg

1st- H.R. Wickramasinghe (UOP)
2nd- S.R. Priyan (WAY)
3rd - T. Siraj (EUSL)
3rd- V.M. Kumara (UOM)

Weight Category- 96kg

1st- T.D. Dissanayake (UOP)
2nd-S. Komahan (EUSL)
3rd- D.M. Seneviratne (UOK)
3rd- D.N.D. Kumarasinghe (WAY)

Weight Category- 120kg

1st-G.H. Widurinda (UOM)
2nd- J.S.U. Jayalath (UOP)
3rd- T.T. Kumara (EUSL)
3rd-K.D. Rathnayake (USJP)


SLUG 2013 Cricket Final between University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo was played today (8.5.2013) at the University of Moratuwa grounds. The match was delayed due to bad weather conditions and the game was limited to 39 overs. 

UOC won the toss and elected to field first. 

University of Moratuwa 206/8 (39 overs)

W. S. U. Perera               65  
B. D. Dananjaya              39*

H. P. N. Kodithuwakku     4/47

The match was stopped due to bad light. By then, 

University of Colombo 128/8 (28.3 overs)

H. P. N. Kodithuwakku     51  

W. A. R. P. Perera           3/29 
N. V. Gunathilaka           4/43

UOM won the match according to the parabola par score. 

UOM crowned as SLUG 2013 Cricket champions while UOC was placed 2nd. 

The Consolation Final of SLUG 2013 Baseball was played today. (8.5.2013)

UOP vs USJP - UOP won the match (13-8)/7 innings

UOP won the 3rd place in SLUG 2013 Baseball.